Community Planning Improvement Programme

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Third Sector Interface (TSI) Community Planning Improvement Programme

Borders Third Sector Partnership were chosen as one of 5 ‘pathfinder’ TSI areas across Scotland to pilot this programme in 2014-15.

Voluntary Action Scotland and the Improvement Service have been working together in a pioneering new programme supported by the Scottish Government to build the best possible environment in which the third sector can grow to develop better local outcomes. Outcomes are about making changes in the quality of life and life opportunities for citizens and communities. They are the result of what we do, or what we enable communities to do for themselves.

The TSI Community Planning Improvement Programme is focused on improving the impact of TSIs on Community Planning (this is a process which aims to help the public and third sectors work together better with the community to plan and deliver better services which make a real difference to people’s lives) and on better outcomes for local communities across Scotland.

The programme has worked initially with five partner TSIs (Aberdeen, North Ayrshire, North Lanarkshire, Orkney and Scottish Borders) and their Community Planning Partners (e.g. Local Authority, NHS, Police, Fire and Rescue Service, local Enterprise company) to support them with self-assessment, benchmarking and improvement work that aims to help TSIs to clarify and strengthen their role, and the role of the third sector, in Community Planning.

To help your local TSI and Community Planning Partners better understand third sector organisations’ views of their relationship with the TSI, and the extent to which they think the TSI helps the third sector to contribute to the delivery of local priorities and improved outcomes in their local area, a questionnaire was sent out to third sector representatives in each of the five ‘pathfinder’ TSI areas in 2014.  A similar survey was sent to representatives of the Community Planning Partners.  The findings were incorporated into a facilitated workshop between the TSI and its Community Planning Partners, from which an improvement plan was developed to strengthen outcomes for local communities.